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Selling your used vehicle

Forget the hassle of printing out a For Sale sticker, or having to be driving it around just to park it at a high traffic location, simply avoid all these risks by owning an online garage. Imagine a virtual car or bike space that tells a compelling story about the vehicle you intend to sell. More importantly, selling a vehicle privately will let you pocket more money for your wheels than having to incur garage rental costs or parking space cost.

How to maximize your car’s value

Prepare your car to sell as you would like one to buy as you need to see it through the eyes of a buyer.

Give the car a good wash and polish – or better yet, pay a car detailer to do it for you. Do not leave rubbish lying around, and wipe down every surface.

A clean car tells the prospective buyer it has been well looked after. A dirty car tells the buyers that the owner did not care for the car, and there may be a myriad of problems lurking just beneath the surface.

If possible, you should also consider making any repairs your car may need before selling it. This one’s a balancing act, because you need to consider the cost of the repairs against the potential value added to your car. But in any case be honest to list the problems in the description.

As a general rule of thumb, do everything necessary to make your car roadworthy. This means good tyres, engine in full working order, all electrics working and no cracks in any glass.

Lastly, don’t forget to gather all of your car’s documentation together. Hopefully you have kept a service logbook and all receipts for work done, accessories added, repairs to your vehicle and any test certificates (MOT). Everything from tyre rotations and fluid top-ups to engine rebuilds and body panel replacements.

You’re basically looking to demonstrate to the buyer that this vehicle has been a loved member of the family and is in as good condition as can be expected.